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I once saw a post that said that “real women don’t cook Hamburger Helper.”

I once saw a post that said that “real women don’t cook Hamburger Helper.”

At first, I had to laugh because my husband genuinely LOVES Hamburger Helper. Then I thought of the many times that a quick meal saved the day after a long workday or the days when we were newly married, new business owners, and new homeowners all at the same time and were just trying to make it through… on a budget, at that.

I’ve learned many things in my almost four years of marriage. There will be days where you may have the time & money to make an incredible home-cooked meal from scratch. If you’re anything like me, you’ll post an aesthetically pleasing picture that you spent ten minutes taking, too.

& THEN there will be long days that will turn into long nights where you are truthfully just trying to survive. In these times, when my husband & I don’t even get home until nine or ten PM, we will ask each other if we are going uptown to grab something quick or if we are going to quickly make some hamburger helper.

In reality, life can be tough and marriage can be hard. It’s okay to make things easier on yourself by throwing in a frozen pizza or grabbing some Chick-Fil-A for your family on the way home from work.

You’re not less of a wife, mother, or person because you acknowledge that TV dinners are not the healthiest, yet throw one in the oven every once in a while for your children while you take a minute to wind down from the day. Sure, eating healthy is important, but it's okay to prioritize it lower on your list sometimes if that’s what you need for your own mental health.

Make the Hamburger Helper every once in a while… & even post an aesthetically pleasing picture of it if you want to. You’re still a rockstar.

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