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A post about longer eyelashes isn't going to hurt you.

Can we stop bashing people for the way they make money?

I always hear/see people making fun of others for working at McDonald's

Or getting into direct sales.

And I've never understood.

The mom selling makeup in your newsfeed is just trying to earn some money while raising her babies.

The college student selling cleaning supplies is just trying to pay for textbooks.

The TikToker or blogger dreams of creating content for a living.

The "poor" teacher may not make the most money, but she is changing the lives of her students daily.

The single parent delivering groceries needs a schedule that works around when they can find babysitters.

The McDonald's workers are trying to provide for their family or put gas in their gas tank, yet are constantly degraded and called "burger flippers."

The garbage man who picks up your trash even in snowstorms is just trying to hold a job that gives his family health insurance.

They're all just trying to better themselves.

If you don't enjoy seeing someone's posts, you can simply unfollow them or unfriend them.

You don't have to buy their makeup.

But you should always be kind to them.

What we often forget is that a lot of these jobs or side hustles are what makes the world go round.

The "dirty" truck drivers, mechanics, or garbage men,

The "poor" teachers, paraprofessionals, bus drivers, or nursing assistants,

The shampoo, makeup, cleaning supplies "dealers,"

AND even the fast-food employees.

They are ALL God's beautiful creations.

A high-paying job doesn't make you any better than the teenager bagging your groceries or the mom just trying to make a few bucks selling some lipstick.

So instead of making fun of someone for the way they provide for themselves or their family,

Consider giving them a pat on the back or telling them you see them doing a great job working on bettering themself.

Because at the end of the day

A post about longer eyelashes isn't going to hurt you.

But surely, it might help someone else.

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