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It's Okay To Hit The Unfollow Button

Listen, you're allowed to unfollow pages, friends, or even family that drain you.

For the longest time, I felt like I was "mean" if I unfollowed people who put a damper on my happiness.

I thought it was just me being close-minded for removing posts from my newsfeed that were completely against my values and beliefs.

I wasn't.

It just exhausted me to see people arguing nonstop on political posts.

I thought that I was just bitter because other people had received answered prayers I hadn't yet.

I wasn't.

I was (and still am) truly happy for them, but there were some days when I was more fragile and didn't need a reminder of the struggles and hurt I was facing.

I thought I was insensitive if I unfollowed people who were always complaining or speaking negatively about others.

I wasn't.

I just didn't want those negative thoughts or views to negatively affect my day.

The truth is that social media is usually a highlight reel.

So if someone's highlight causes pain for you, you're not a bad person or a bad friend or person for removing the posts from your page.

Sometimes though, social media is a place where people dump their negativity.

You're not being "mean" for unfollowing them if they are getting in the way of you having a positive mindset.

You can always follow them again when you are ready if you choose to do so.

We don't read books that bring us pain. We don't eat foods that we hate. We don't listen to music that we don't enjoy.

So why do we feel like we HAVE to follow pages that steal our joy?

Spoiler alert: you don't have to. So go ahead and unfollow that page if it's what is best for your mental health.

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