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I'm Not The Bar Friend.

I’m not the bar friend.

I’m not the party friend.

I’m not a clubbing friend.

But I’ll always be the “let’s go for a walk” friend.

I’m the friend down to try a new brunch spot;

Or the “long weekend getaway” friend.

I’m the coffee shop friend, the bike ride friend, the “let’s take the kids to the park” kind of friend.

I’ll go try a new workout class, I’ll chill by the pool, I’ll go to the mall, I’m down for massages or even pedicures.

I’m up for adventuring, for dinner or a double date; I’m down for escape rooms, go-karting, or trying something new.

We can go parasailing, jet-skiing, ziplining, or even go for a helicopter ride.

I’ll be the concert friend, the “let’s go to church” friend, I’ll even be the running errands friend.

Ice Cream? You bet! Chick-Fil-A? Even better.

I’m the book club friend, the “listen to this podcast” friend, or the “sends you lots of memes” type of friend.

You can call me to watch your kids, you can call me to run to Costco, you can call me for a boating out on the lake day.

We can spend all afternoon in HomeGoods Target, or TJ Maxx.

I’ll meet you for lunch; I’ll come over for coffee or to watch the Bachelor; we can even have Taco Tuesday if you’d like.

I’m just not the clubbing, partying, or bar friend.

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