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Find Your People.

They say you are the most like the five people you spend the most time with. 

So find your people. Find your tribe.

I’m not talking about the people who call you up wanting to go out bar hopping on a Friday night and then do not talk to you the rest of the week. 

I’m talking about the people who will take a bike ride with you on a Saturday afternoon.

People who encourage you to try new things with them.

People who want to have incredible life experiences.

People that will be kicking it at your Sunday afternoon backyard BBQ someday. 

People who never try to compete with you. 

People who will love your kids like their own and never judge you if your house is a disaster. 

People who love to adventure with you. 

People who will wake up early to workout with you.

People who want to run and grab a cup of coffee or have breakfast with you. 

People who will send you a motivational quote because they think you may need it.

People who show up when you really need them, no matter the time or distance.

People who bring out the best in you.

People who laugh and smile with you.

Because finding people to go to the bar is easy compared to finding the people who you want kicking it at your backyard BBQ someday. Life is better once you find your people.

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