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Embrace Your College Timeline - It Has Made You Who You Are Today

I went back & forth on whether or not I even wanted to share that I FINALLY got to celebrate my college graduation.

I was worried that some people would judge my timeline... but then I realized how silly that sounds. Why is it that we only want to celebrate achievements if they’re achieved within a certain time frame?

Most semesters, I worked full time. We bought a house & made it a home. I took time off to have surgery & fight my battle with endometriosis. I took time off to marry my best friend. We traveled. We made memories. & just as I was finishing my degree in elementary education, I realized how much I actually wanted to teach at the secondary level... so I changed my major without looking back. I finished college in the midst of a worldwide pandemic & I did so with honors.

I’m proud of my timeline that has made me the woman, wife, sister, daughter, friend, aunt, person & teacher that I am today. So here is to every college graduate or college student that may feel embarrassed of their timeline. Embrace your journey & your timeline. That timeline has made us who we are today. 🎉

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