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9 Things You Know If You Are A "Daddy's Girl"

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

1. Dad’s give the best advice.

Don’t know what to wear? Ask Dad. Is your car making a weird noise? Call Dad. Are you arguing with a family member, friend, or significant other? Ask Dad what to do. Don’t know which refrigerator to buy? Ask Dad to help you pick one out. No matter what it is, your dad probably has the solution.

2. You can call your dad for anything, and he will answer.

I’m pretty sure that 90% of my dad’s phone calls come from me. Whether I want him to check out a new song that I just heard, to tell him about a good grade on an exam, or to tell him about my day, he always answers and (at least seems- LOL) excited to talk to me.

3. He taught you {basically} everything that you know.

This one really should be number one. Of all the things that I have learned, I would say that some of the most important have been lessons from Dad. He taught me how to drive a car. He taught me how to always take good care of things. He also showed me what great music is.

4. Most of your hobbies and interests are thanks to him.

As far back as I can remember, he was putting me on snowmobiles, taking me to the racetrack and playing me country music. We share the same hobbies, the same favorite NASCAR drivers, the same love for certain TV shows and music, and the same favorite vacation spots.

5. Your dad is one of the funniest people you know.

No matter what, he can always make you laugh.

6. He will always bail you out of trouble.

Even when he doesn’t want to, he will be there when you need him. Like that one time that I decided to drive around at 2 am just to listen to music and I hit a patch of ice and put my truck in a ditch? Yup, it was Dad that got out of bed to pull me out. PS: Not my smartest move.

7. When you are hurting, he is hurting, too.

Whenever you are upset, your dad is also upset because he knows that you are.

8. You value his opinion, because you know that he loves you enough to always be honest with you.

I can always count on my dad to tell me that an outfit isn’t flattering or to give true advice on how my hair looks. He was there the days that I went wedding dress shopping, he will tell me if something is a bad idea, or if I am in the wrong… or overreacting.

9. He will always have a piece of your heart… no matter how old or “grown up” you get and he will always be your best friend.

Although I am in my 20’s and married now, my dad is still one of my favorite people in the world.

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