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Ten Things You Probably Know If You’re a Racecar Driver’s Wife

  1. Any food, specifically Domino’s pizza, tastes better after a long night of racing.

  2. You question what people who aren’t involved in racing do on the weekends in their summers. Unexpected rainout? That typically means you have no idea what to do with your Saturday and somehow end up with your racing family to hang out anyway.

  3. If you see a child walking around in the pits, you more than likely know which racecar trailer they came from.

  4. There is no happiness like the happiness of a feature win after a long week of your husband and/or his friends working on the racecar following a tough break the week before.

  5. The four seasons in your world consist of: racing season, fall, winter, and those few weeks before race season and after winter where it’s cold and rainy and everyone talks about how they’re ready for race season even though their cars are probably not.

  6. When you see racetrack friends for the first time since last season, you will pick up exactly where you left off.

  7. When something tragic happens in the racing world, the entire racing community will come together and unite as one.

  8. Those involved in racing have a family that they were born into and a family that they met at the racetrack.

  9. You will never feel another adrenaline rush like a restart with one lap to go if your husband is leading the race.

  10. Sometimes you may not admit it, but there is no other lifestyle that you would rather live.

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