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Pray for Afghanistan

I’ve been having a tough time coming up with words about how I feel about what’s going on in Afghanistan right now.

I think the most challenging part for me is that up until two days ago, I hadn’t seen or heard anything about this. For the record, I do not watch the news because it truly weighs me down, but I am active on social media.

To then scroll through social media as it’s happening and see nonstop arguments over things that truly shouldn’t even matter right now is just weighing on my heart so heavily. It makes me realize how selfish and entitled *most* our country has become.

Women are being raped, people being tortured, and children are being killed...yet, our country is over here fighting over whether we should say “breast milk” or “chest milk.”

Our troops are suiting up, and the reality is that some of them may never see their spouses, children, or family ever again…. And we’re too busy fighting over who should or shouldn’t be allowed in restaurants to eat a cheeseburger to even care.

Our world is such an actual disaster right now, but it seems like our country is too busy dividing into “the sheep” vs. “the selfish” [terms I see/hear way too often these days] to even notice.

Do you think those in their last moments of life worry about what Billy down the street posted on Facebook last week? My guess is probably not.

I will be the first to promote standing up for what you believe in. I understand why women would want to keep it as BREAST MILK because it IS milk from breasts. I know that there are multiple opposing sides to this as well. BUT there is a time, and there is a place… and right now, I just don’t feel like this is it.

So send up some prayers for our troops heading overseas, for their families, and those suffering in Afghanistan. Hug your loved ones. Agree to disagree with those you love. Smile at a stranger. Remember that until you’ve walked a mile in someone else’s shoes, you have no idea what they’re truly going through. And please, whatever you do, stop stressing and fighting and ruining your relationships over social media arguments.

Life is too short, and now more than ever, we need to come together as one.

IG: shelby.saumier

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