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Opposites Attract

They say that it takes two opposites to harmonize, that opposites attract, that some things just go better together.

I guess it makes sense because you’re pretty quiet around strangers, but I will always break the ice.

I’m always crying over something (usually a super cute elderly couple), but you are always there to dry tears.

When your temper starts to get the best of you, I’m always there to lighten the mood with a good dad joke.

I’ve never run out of gas, but only because you’re always there to fill up my gas tank.

Our forever home is all planned out on my Pinterest boards; meanwhile, you are happy as long as the house has a TV & a rocking chair.

You’ve been saving money since you were a child, and I can’t walk past a good deal on shoes without buying two pairs.

My car would always be trashed if it weren’t for your love for car washes.

You leave your dirty clothes everywhere, and even though I complain about it, I’ll always be right behind you to pick them up.

I hate vacuuming, but you never seem to mind.

You take things day by day, but I always have a plan for our future.

I cover our home in motivational quotes, but you would be totally fine with blank walls.

You’d never leave your hometown if it weren’t for me wanting to visit as many new places as possible.

I remind you not to work your life away, but you remind me to see the good in every situation.

You would live off of TV dinners if I didn’t cook for us.

I forget my purse everywhere, but you’re never too far behind to pick it up from where I left it at.

In some ways, we are polar opposites, but we couldn’t possibly harmonize better together.

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