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I Used To Be Embarrassed Of My "Thick Legs"...

I used to be embarrassed about my “thick legs.”

I would refuse to wear outfits I loved on other people because I thought that they would make my legs look even bigger. I would try to hide my legs in pictures. I would make jokes about them. I would refer to them as the family “curse.”

As the years have gone by, I’ve started to realize how blessed I am to have these legs that have gotten me through such tough times, times that I thought for sure that they would buckle.

These “thick legs” of mine support me in workouts to keep my body healthy. With these legs, I was able to walk down the aisle to marry my best friend. They walked me into the hospital rooms where I met my niece & nephew for the very first time. They hold me up as I hug my loved ones in some of life’s hardest & best moments. In the moments of shame, I was letting what others may think get into my own head too much to realize how grateful I actually am for my “thick legs.” So, cheesy, but oh, so true.

Almost all of us have parts of our bodies that we would like to change, sometimes because of the negative thoughts inside of our own heads & other times because of what we think society may say.

But what “looks good” in the eyes of society is always, always, always changing. Imagine if we all looked exactly the same, had the same qualities and interests, and strengths and weaknesses. Life would probably be pretty boring, don’t you think?

Bottom line: Take the pictures. Wear the outfits. Embrace your body. Be thankful for it. Take care of it. Love it. You only get one & each moment we spend hating our bodies, is one less moment we get of loving ourselves just the way that we are, fearfully & wonderfully made.

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