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Here's To The Girl Dads.

Here's to the girl dads.

The dads who drive with a backseat full of baby dolls in toy car seats

The dads that work hard just to spend a week's paycheck on a prom dress

The dads who give standing ovations at all of the talent shows, the dance recitals, the softball games, and concerts in the living room

The dads who coach the soccer games, teach them to drive, and eat the cookies that didn't turn out quite right

The dads who "don't dance" but all of a sudden do when it's time for the Daddy Daughter Dance

The dads deal with the house full of loud teenage girls as they blast the music from the newest boy band

The dads who attend the tea parties, stand in line for two hours to meet Cinderella and hold the hands when crossing the street

The dads that make sure the oil changes are done, give the advice, and always answer their phone calls

The dads who watch the princess movies, put together the doll houses, and wipe the tears off of tiny faces

The dads that always give their honest opinions… even when they may not want to hear it

The dads who fight the scary monsters under the beds and would do anything to make them laugh

The dads that mend the broken hearts, buy the flowers and start the cars before they leave on cold, winter mornings

The dads who eventually become the best grandpas

The dads who have their little girls wrapped around their fingers knowing that no matter how old their daughters get, they will still be their pride + joy

The dads who make sure that their daughters know their worth and never settle for anything less in life

Here's to the girl dads.

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