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#GlovesUp To Endometriosis Awareness Month

Updated: May 3, 2021

Each day, 1 in 10 women put on their gloves & fight their battles with endometriosis... alone.

They deal with the pain that nobody can see.

They pass by a family with children in the grocery store & wonder if they’ll beat the odds of infertility with endometriosis.

They deal with the major digestive issues that endometriosis can cause.

They’re told to suck it up because “painful periods” are normal.

They face miscarriages & high-risk pregnancies.

They become incredible, strong moms through IVF & adoption.

They text their friends back days later with “sorry I was busy” because they were either depressed, in pain, or exhausted.

They buy outfits that specifically cover up the endo bloat.

They don’t even want to step on a scale because they know there is a strong possibility they’ve gained even more weight without explanation.

They’re pressured to live a “normal” life because they “look just fine.”

They fight back tears each time they’re asked when they’re going to “start a family of their own.”

They know they’ll never have 6 pack of abs no matter how many ab workouts they do because “endo belly” is real.

They’re misdiagnosed because no two cases are the same.

They wear their surgery scars, somedays with pride & others with insecurity.

They battle anxiety, depression & even suicidal thoughts because excruciating pain & imbalanced hormones will do that to a person.

They cancel plans because most days they’re overly tired; no matter how much sleep they got the night before.

They go without answers.

They typically feel alone because most people haven’t even heard of endometriosis before.

I am #1in10 & I’m fighting this fight as loud as I can so that other women don’t have to feel alone any longer.

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