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Appreciate Your Grains of Sand.

From the time that we are born, we always put such an emphasis on our firsts: our first time walking or talking, our first day of school, the first date, the first day at a new job.

We often forget to appreciate as much the ones after that. And sometimes… no, scratch that. MOST times, without ever knowing, we experience a last.

The last time sitting on the lap of a grandparent before we get too big, eating a dessert or meal before a restaurant removes it from the menu, the last hug, or the last time hearing a loved one laugh before we lose them.

They say that sometimes, we don’t realize the value of a moment until it is too late. So treat every single day, every single moment as if it’s your last, as if it’s your friend's last, as if it is your pet's last, or anyone around you’s last.

Pet your dog a little longer than normal.

Push yourself a little harder in your workout.

Laugh a little more.

See the good in every workday.

Admire the beauty in things like sunrises or driving down the road while listening to a great song.

Because when our hourglass runs out of sand, we don’t get to flip it back over and start again. As harsh of a reality as it is, we don't know when we or someone that we know is down to our last few grains of sand, so appreciate every single one of them.


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