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5 Ways That Exercise Can Help To Improve Your Endometriosis

5 Ways That Exercise Can Help To Improve Your Endometriosis

  • Exercise can improve mobility and reduce cramping in the pelvic floor + abdomen, which can improve relaxation + help to eliminate pain.

  • Many women who have endometriosis also battle chronic fatigue or brain fog. Exercise can improve fatigue + brain fog.

  • Anxiety + depression are both symptoms of endometriosis. Exercising releases endorphins, which helps to boost mood levels.

  • Exercise can reduce pain through the release of good chemicals that reduce our awareness of pain messages. A recent study showed that women who completed multiple workouts per week had reduced pain + improved quality of life compared to those who didn't.

  • Exercise is a proven benefit for digestion and bowel health. Many women with endometriosis struggle with constipation, bowel pain, and bloating.

For me personally:

I have always been someone who would work out here or there, but I was never consistent. In March of 2020, I decided that I was sick of feeling awful all the time. I started working out regularly & consistently. My workouts include: running, walks, bike rides, weight lifting, cardio/conditioning + boxing. It is vital to find a type of exercise that you enjoy; otherwise, it is hard to stick with it. Since deciding to be more consistent, my muscle mass has increased tremendously. My overall health is way better; I haven't even had a cold in well over a year. I have also lost around 20 lbs, which is a plus, too. Most importantly, I feel better than ever.


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